4 Things To Know About Taking Birth Control Pills

One of the ways to best prevent you from becoming pregnant if you're sexually active is taking birth control pills. You will need to get a prescription for these from your medical provider. Of course, it's essential for you to be healthy to take this medication. It's important to know specific things about these pills that may be helpful to you.


Birth control pills are most effective if taken correctly. You will need to take these every day if you wish to avoid getting pregnant. If you do miss one day, then it's important to take two pills the next morning or as soon as you remember. If you're sexually active and don't take this medication correctly, this will increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Side effects

Once your body adjusts to this medication, you may not experience any unwanted side effects. The good news is when you do take the pill, you're much more likely to have regular cycles, and these may be lighter for some women. However, some of the side effects many women experience when first taking these pills may include headaches, weight gain, and spotting.


It's always important to know if any other prescription drugs can decrease the effectiveness of birth control. Here are some common medications that can interfere with birth control:

1.    Antibiotics – If you're dealing with an infection for a lengthy amount of time and on this type of drug, you should speak to your doctor about how effective your birth control will be. It may be ideal to avoid having sex until you can stop antibiotics.

2.    Natural supplements – You may not think that many of the more all-natural supplements on the market these days could decrease the effectiveness of birth control, but it's possible. 

When to take

You may wonder if you should take your pills during the morning or at night. Most doctors agree it doesn't matter when you take your pill, just as long as you remember to do it each day. Getting into the habit of taking your pill can be more natural when done at the same time daily, whether you get into the habit of taking it before bed or right after you take a shower.

There are many benefits of working to avoid getting pregnant when you aren't ready, and taking this medication is ideal. Be sure to work closely with your OBGYN to assist you with the best type to meet your needs!

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