Susan Poupard

Susan Poupard

I'm interested in environmental sustainability, digital and online communications, art, architecture & design, museums and sustainable heritage.

I'm web manager at the Carbon Trust, and volunteer with Friends of the Earth. In my spare time I enjoy exploring historic buildings, taking photos, and travelling on holiday by train!


Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh, Morocco

Rizopolozhensky Rostov Veliky, Russia

Kremlin Rostov Veliky, Russia

Huaqing Hot Springs Xian, China

St Luke's Churchyard Old St, London

Venice, Italy

Jardin Majorelle Marrakesh, Morocco

Striped lawn Cambridge, UK

Regents Park London

Wall, old town Riga, Latvia

Old Schools Quadrangle, Oxford, UK

Peckham Library Peckham, London

The Sun Drury Lane, London

Fitzroy Street Fitzrovia, London

Colourful wall in Morocco Ladder in Rostov Monastery Rostov Kremlin Hot springs in Xian Railings in St Luke's churchyard Buildings in Venice Colourful wall in Morocco Stripy lawn in Cambridge Benches in Regents Park Brick wall in Ria Historic Oxford Colourful Peckham library Buildings on Drury Lane Fitzroy Street signs